Travel Tips to European Countries: Luxembourg

About the country

One of the Europe’s smallest sovereign states is The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The north part of the country is blessed with greenery and hills. The Ardennes provides great scenic view. The country is small and all the tourist attractions are within reachable limits. It snows during the winters in Luxembourg, but isn’t as cold as its neighboring countries and the summer is warm which comes in May and lasts till September. Incase of emergency dial 112 or 113.


Generally handshake is used to greet people. Although majority of the locals speak English, Letzeburgesch is the national language of Luxembourg. French and German is also spoken by many Luxembourgers. When appearing as a guest at someone’s house, it is a good practice to bring along gift or flowers. People are expected to dress in smart casuals, but it would be best to turn up in formals when attending social functions, or clubs. It’s not advised to smoke in public places.


Crystals and porcelains of Villeroy and Boch are very famous and the earthenware pottery from Nospelt is a shopper’s must have item from Luxembourg. VAT of 15% is applied to all items purchased other than that from campground, hotel, and restaurant, which charge 3%. Tipping is exempted.

Site Seeing

The capital, Luxembourg is a place to be. Stay for a day or tea to explore the city. Village of Viaden has a cliff top castle which is a famous landmark.

Taxis can be hired to move around the city. They charge 10% extra from 10 pm to 6 am and if hired on Sunday, an extra 25% extra will be charged if hired for the whole day.

Luxembourg has many luxurious hotels, most of which are located in Lux City. Other options are guesthouses which are beautifully decorated with flower and plants.


The national airline which operates here is Luxair. There are flights from London to Luxembourg every hour. The Luxembourg airport is at a distance of 5km from the city and it takes about 20 minutes to reach there. There are provisions such as duty free shops, bank, tourism information and car hire for the passengers.
Eurostar provides a fast railway service from London, Paris, Belgium, France or Brussels to Luxembourg. Bookings can be made via telephone and £5 fee is charged for telephonic booking. Check out for offers which are provided on some of the routes. To travel within the country, Inter-Rail pass can be bought which gives the offer of unlimited train travel for 29 countries of Europe.

When driving on road, it is recommended to take the train or ferry service when passing the channel between Dover and Calais. Check out for vacancy before hand especially during the rush hours. While driving, drivers should stay on the right side and there are strict rules for drinking while driving and seat belt.

Duty Free Items

1. 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
2. 1liter of spirits or 2liter of sparkling wine or 2liter of liqueur wine and 2liter of non-sparkling wine
3. 50g of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette
4. 500g of coffee and 200g of coffee extract
5. 100g of tea and 40g of tea extract
6. Tobacco and Alcohol can be carried by visitors over 17 years of age only.


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The Wind Inspires it All: The Driving Force Behind Chicago Fashion Schools

5261274229 ff5d2392df The Wind Inspires it All: The Driving Force Behind Chicago Fashion Schools
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Chicago, the “windy city” is known for its multicultural population as well as its dramatic architecture and love for the arts.

In detail, Chicago has:

1. at least 3 million people
2. harbors, parks, beaches, clubs, and ethnic restaurants
3. 29 miles of lakefront, museums, neighborhood festivals, and cultural attractions

People visit the city as often as winds do. Also, tourists favor the mid-western hospitality of the people. They also share stories of their enjoyment in going to exhibits in museums like Degas, Monet, and the whimsical “Cows on Parade” of Summer 1999.

The businesses blended with the multicultural aspects of the city are said to be the driving “winds” that spur creativity among people who visit or study in Chicago. As always, it is inevitable to have fashion schools within a city that celebrate and support the arts and dynamism of culture.

The following are some featured fashion design schools in Illinois:

1. The International Academy of Design and Technology is located in Chicago.

The institute offers the following degree programs:

• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Fashion Design and Marketing
• Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Design and Marketing

The curriculum of Fashion and Design assimilates the study of new trends and innovations in the thriving international industry of fashion with the mastery of traditional skills, thus providing a holistic background to both fashion amateurs and masters alike when it comes to designing.

• Bachelor of Arts, Major in Merchandising Management
• Associate of Applied Science in Merchandising Management

The program of Merchandising Management provides students and professionals as well as with the opportunity to contend within the job market by integrating theoretical concepts with practical implementations. However, students can rest assured that after graduation their skills on developing suitable visual displays, and utilizing appropriate business practices and scales are honed to help them achieve profitability in the long run.

2. The Illinois Institute of Art is primarily situated in Schaumburg. The degree programs they offer vary by location.

The Illinois Institute of Art is, basically, an association of schools in different locations. Collectively, the Art Institute is considered as a leader in the area of applied science education.

Their courses such as Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design are restructured on a regular basis to reveal ideas garnered from industry advisors, leaders, and employers for relevance and practical applications in the marketplace.

The Art Institute also possesses seasoned faculty members who are also affiliated to the local community of functions. Thus, this provides students with plenty of occasions for consultation with industry professionals and practicing designers. As students’ knowledge and skills improve through the programs, they are required to plan an initial design and execute it into a finished product to cap their stay in the institution.

3. International Academy of Design and Technology

The school has campuses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando. They provide program areas and a variety of degree levels designed to fit your unique career track. In detail, they offer:

• Diploma in Fashion Design
• Diploma in Merchandising and Fashion Marketing

These are only three among the plenty list of schools in this city. The decision now lies in your hand. Within the “windy city” are competitions and strict trainings from various places in the job arena. Where do you think the “will of the wind inside you” will bring you and your high hopes of hitting it big in the fashion industry?

Cheap Auto Insurance Online For Your Teen

So, you have a teen that is at the driving age. Choosing the right auto, the right insurance and the factors that determine price, is the purpose of this article.

Choosing the right auto is very important to getting cheap insurance. That flashy, red, convertible sports car really looks great, but the insurance for it with a teen driver?… ouch!! Find out what your teen can live with other than this and do your insurance shopping with that model in mind.

Some of the factors that enter into price is:

1. Where do you live? In the city, a suburban area or in a rural setting? The rural area will be the lowest rate with the city being greater.

2. How many miles per year will the vehicle be driven and how many miles to work, school or college.

3. The model and age of the vehicle and it’s safety record. Sometimes an anti-theft device will lower the rate.

4. The deductable amount and the coverage amount, these vary according to area and what the laws are in your state. The more out of pocket you can afford on the deductable the lower your rate will be.

5. Your teens grades at school is also a determining factor. The higher the grades the lower the rate. Makes sense right?

6. Did your teen take drivers ed? Also a factor.

Make sure that your teen knows the importance of a safe driving record, no tickets, no accidents. Over time, a teen with a safe driving record will have their insurance rates reduced. Instill a sense of responsibility in your teen for their freedom to drive.

Some insurance companies offer a policy for just the teen driver. This way they aren’t added to the families policy. This can be a lower rate. There may be some restrictions, such as no driving after dark or others.

Use your favorite search engines to find insurance companies that have the lowest rates for these factors. By shopping online you have a lot of companies to choose from, and it is quicker than the yellow pages.

Keep all of these things in mind when shopping. Insurance rates vary widely, so take your time when doing your research. Another way to search for a good insurance company is to ask around at garages and body shops. Those guys deal with insurance companies every day.

I hope that these factors will help you in finding that company that will give you a good policy at the lowest possible price.

Driving Slow to Save Some Dough

You are not alone in your frustration over gas prices these days. Everyone who has to pull up to the gas station and fuel up their vehicle shakes their head when they see the price, after all. Along with the frustration over gas prices, many people feel helpless. What can you do to lower gas prices? It is not as if you can simply stop driving altogether to send a message about your feelings on gas prices! That may be true, but there are things you can do to reduce your spending on fuel.

While the price that you pay for gas per gallon may be well beyond your control, the amount of gas that you use is something that you can change. You can do this in a few ways, such as buying a more fuel efficient automobile, or staying home instead of driving around so much. However, for those who do not want to buy a new vehicle or who can not just stay at home indefinitely, what options are there? One of the simplest options, actually, is something that can be done quite easily. Simply put, you can slow down!

When many people think about slowing down their driving, they are primarily thinking about either avoiding speeding tickets or becoming safer drivers. While it is true that slowing down provides these two important benefits, you can also save quite a bit of gas by slowing down your speed, both in town and on the highway.

Too many people ride the accelerator as they drive in city situations. They speed up, even though a red light is ahead, or someone ahead of them is slowing down. If you can take your foot off the gas and coast a bit, you can save some gas and avoid having to quickly brake when you get to where you have to stop. This means you can conserve gas as well as your brakes! Who knows, you might be coasting when the light turns green, which means that instead of starting from a dead stop, you will start to accelerate with some momentum already built up. This also saves you gas.

Even more gas can be saved on the highway. While your driving style in city situations can raise or lower your gas mileage, it does not affect your fuel consumption as dramatically as does your speed on the highway. You can save a lot of gas by driving at 55 miles per hour instead of 75 miles per hour, for instance. How much? Estimates vary from as little as 20% to all the way up to 30%, but either way, that is a substantial amount of gas! When you figure in the cost of gas right now, it really does pay to slow down a bit on the freeway, interstate, or highway. Again, not only will you save on gas expenses, but you will also avoid traffic tickets when you drive at lower speeds.

It can be very difficult to slow down your speed when driving, especially if you are used to driving quite fast, or if you are impatient. Remember, if you are not running late for something important, you do not need to race to your destination! Doing so will only cost you gas, which costs you money.


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The best hybrid vehicles for the fuel-conscious driver

The demand and availability for hybrid cars has been growing steadily over the years because of the increasing concerns of motorists regarding the price increases of gas.
Major automobile manufacturers have come up with their respective versions of hybrid vehicles, and consumers have lots of considerations when purchasing these cars. Of course, price ranks among the most important of those concerns.

To help them decide on which cars to choose, here is a list of some of the best hybrid cars flooding the market today.

1. Toyota Prius

Considered by many as the top-rated hybrid among them all, because of the presence of a gasoline engine that provides assistance to the electric motor when operating. For slower speeds, it is the electric motor that runs the car, and when the speed acts up, the gas engine takes over the reins.

The mileage for the Prius is estimated at 60 mpg for city-driving speeds and 51 for the highway performance.

Reportedly, the Prius has more spacious interiors compared to its closest competitor, the Honda Civic hybrid, and they say that the Prius is also better mileage-wise. This bestseller from Toyota comes with a distinctive exterior that sets it apart from its fellow hybrids belonging to the economy-class.

2. Honda Civic Hybrid

This hybrid vehicle does not look different from its past models, and it does not stand apart from its competitors. Even though it is always the bridesmaid compared to the illustrious Prius, it has a reputation for higher speed operation, especially on highways.

The Civic also maintains the runner-up status with the Prius when it comes to fuel efficiency, with the Civic chalking up 26 mpg for driving within city range.

3. Ford Escape Hybrid

It is the first Hybrid SUV in the market, another first for Ford Motors. Its success heralded the launching of the Mercury Mariner a year earlier than was intended. This hybrid vehicle produces 28 mpg in combination driving. This gem from Ford is known for its spacious cargo room, its easy maneuverability and its visibility.

Its add-ons include anti-lock brakes and outlet for 110-volts located in the control panel. The Escape Hybrid still reigns supreme above its closest SUV rivals, such as Lexus.

4. Honda Insight

This hybrid from Honda may not be as award-winning as its competitors, but the Insight is proving itself as the best one when it comes to fuel economy. It runs on an impressive 60 mpg on city driving, and an awesome 66 mpg on the highway.

Although the Insight is not as comfortable and impressive as the popular sister Civic or the famed Toyota Prius, it will do best as a second-car, or a commuter vehicle.

Other choices include:

2006 Lexus RX 400h – it is the firs SUV in the luxury level, it is known for its indefatigable power, its cool technology and its fuel efficiency.

2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid – it is said to drive better than the common SUV, and gives off great power, but the downside is its lack of gadgets on the dashboard.

Determining Your Auto Insurance Price

15390879916 7d49ac1292 Determining Your Auto Insurance Price
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Life is like a jigsaw puzzle.
You must know all the facts and pertinent information before making a choice. To see the entire picture, you need every piece of the puzzle in its place.

Like the way your Auto Insurance Policy Price being determined, you need some pieces of information or maybe, a common knowledge, as to what the insurance companies are looking for when determining how much your coverage will cost.

There are six major areas that determine your auto insurance policy price. The first is your driving record. A better driving record lowers the total cost of your auto insurance. Avoiding auto accidents, speeding tickets and other driving convictions can keep your clean record that will not cause your rates to be outrageous.

Do a self-check sometimes to see the impact of raising and lowering your deductibles and coverage amounts on the price of your insurance. Raising a deductible lowers your monthly payments while increasing the deductible has the opposite effect. The same goes for the actual coverage amounts.

Studies show that younger drivers are involved in more accidents than older drivers. Inexperience people behind the wheel of an automobile may potentially be involved in a collision. Generally, most insurance companies charge more for individuals under the age of 25.

Thank in large part to theft, vehicular costs and safety records because some cars rate a higher premium over other vehicles. As if it wasn’t bad enough, the amount of annual miles you place on your vehicle through driving can increase your auto policy. If you exceed to the total average of 10,00 miles in a year, except a rate increase because you also increase the potential to be involved in an auto accident.

If you live in a big city, you’ll pay more for your auto insurance policy compared to those who live in a nice farm out in the country. It’s because the city has more thefts and has higher rate of accidents, which lead to higher costs absorbed by the insurance company. It was passed along to the consumer when the insurance companies determine you auto insurance policy price.

Hopefully, this information can help you focus in some areas within your auto policy that you can review you insurance agent in the hopes of actually lowering your auto insurance rates instead of raising them. Now, did you see the whole picture of the puzzle?

Guanajuato: The Land Of Frogs

Guanajuato: The Land Of Frogs

When theme parks, beaches, scuba diving, and whale watching have lost their charm after multiple vacations to Mexico, perhaps a visit to The Land of Frogs in Central Mexico is in order.

The City of Guanajuato, which is called The Crown Jewel of Mexico’s colonial cities, was named The Land of Frogs by a group of indigenous people. By some accounts, the indigenous took one look at the terrain and said, “Nothing but frogs could live here!” Some say the indigenous found thousands of frogs in the mountainous terrain. Other accounts say it was the shape of the mountains that reminded the indigenous of frogs. Whichever account is true, Guanajuato is a place to get to know.

Guanajuato earned its place in world geography when the Spanish found the surrounding mountains rich in silver deposits. In fact, at one time more than one-third of the world’s silver riches were mined in Guanajuato. Though none of the usual summer vacation activities exist in Guanajuato, this city exudes history with every unsteady step you take through its cobblestone streets.

The state of Guanajuato is the Cradle of Mexican Independence. It was here Mexico began its quest to become Mexican. Guanajuato is the perfect spot to see where and learn how Mexico began to fight for its hard-earned independence from Spain. Although small, the city of Guanajuato has outstanding colonial architecture built with the silver revenue from times past. With modern museums, cultural events almost year-round, one of world’s oldest universities, and an almost perfect year-round temperate climate in which to enjoy this country’s Crown Jewel, Guanajuato can be the perfect alternative to the usual vacation fare.

Many first-time visitors we’ve interviewed have expressed amazement to find that Guanajuato defies their stereotypical expectation of Mexico. Many who have traveled extensively throughout Europe have told us Guanajuato could be a town from Spain or Northern Italy that was somehow magically transplanted to this side of the planet.

Depending on whom you ask, The City of Guanajuato has a population of between 100,000-120,000 people. It is nestled in a ravine with the city literally built up the sides of the bowl-like surrounding mountains. If nothing else, a trip to Guanajuato would be worth the time and expense just to marvel at how the Mexicans figured out how to build this city. To call it a marvel is a gross understatement.

Another marvel to behold is Guanajuato’s system of underground tunnels. Originally, the Guanajuato River flowed through the center of town. Numerous devastating floods occurred over the centuries, and engineers decided to divert the river away from the middle of town in the early 1900´s. After diverting the river, the riverbed was turned into a maze of underground streets–this time to divert traffic.

How To Get Here

More American tourists we meet are driving to Guanajuato. This is not as difficult as one might imagine. Go to and type “driving to Mexico”. You will find numerous articles on the logistics of driving here. The only problem you will encounter when arriving in Guanajuato is parking. Although city officials are working to solve this problem by building more parking facilities, it is a nightmare. Parking is at a premium and you will rarely find adequate and safe parking near your hotels.

The best way to arrive in Guanajuato is to fly to Leon, Guanajuato. From there, you can take a cab for about $25.00-$30.00 to Guanajuato. It is about a 45-minute ride.

A way to combat the difficulty of your Leon cabbie knowing where your lodging is located, especially if you have arranged a private apartment for your vacation stay, is to have the Leon cabdriver take you to the Guanajuato’s Holiday Inn or to the bus station. From there, it is a simple matter of switching to a Guanajuato cabdriver who will know where everything is in Guanajuato’s confusing maze of streets.


Guanajuato has a large influx of wealthy travelers to whom the hotel industry caters lavishly. You can find accommodations to boggle the mind and pocketbook.

A Quick Look On 2006 Hybrid Cars

Demand for hybrid cars has sharply grown over the past three years, as pump prices continue to surge and eating a considerable part of the household budget.

Hybrid cars may not be the complete solution to rising oil prices but they are very economical, as they rely more on electricity instead of gas for power. For 2006, business conditions have remained turbulent. The current crisis in Israel and Lebanon will likely have an adverse effect on oil markets given that they are very near the world’s top oil producers.

Other issues that will keep gas prices high include China’s demand, terrorist attacks on refineries and volatility in stock markets. Is 2006 finally the right time to jump on the bandwagon for hybrid cars? For 2006, the top Japanese car makers Honda and Toyota have released an impressive line of hybrid cars that have been updated to conform with the demands of the daily driver.

The hybrid cars for 2006 promises more power behind the steering wheel but gas consumption will be comparable to a child guzzling a bad-tasting cough syrup.

Honda 2006 Accord Hybrid

The new Accord Hybrid from Honda is 4-door sedan ideal for families with 2-3 kids. This car comes in two trims and 5-speed automatic transmission. Overdrive option is standard equipment. For those that enjoy long and leisurely rides, Honda is offering a Accord Hybrid equipped with a Navigation system.

Both trims are powered by a standard V6, 3.0-liter, 253-horsepower engine. The Accord Hybrid is capable of 25-mpg in city driving and 34-mpg in highway driving.

The Honda Accord Hybrid is well suited for the highways and boasts of excellent responsiveness and outstanding acceleration.

Initial impressions

The 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid has been criticized for its disappointing fuel economy but lauded for its outstanding performance especially in fast-driving. The car battery used in the car is relatively low in power and supposed does not effectively maximize the hybrid technology unlike rival models.

Some users have also been critical over the “rough” automatic transmission shifting between gears and poor flawed synchronization between engine and battery.

Honda 2006 Civic Hybrid

The new Honda Civic Hybrid is a 4-door sedan ideal for small families. The vehicle comes in two trims namely the the CVT AT-PZEV w/ Navigation System and the CVT AT-PZEV

A standard I4 1.3-liter 110-horsepower hybrid engine powers the 2006 Civic Hybrid car. This model has the capability to run 49-mpg in city driving and 51-mpg in highway drives.

Initial impressions

The 2006 Civic Hybrid car is a top-notch performer especially for who are looking for the perfect driving experience. The interior has been lauded for its attractive lay-out and design. Gas consumption is exceptional, as delivers near or slightly above its specifications.

However, the 2006 Civic Hybrid has been criticized more on its ambitious despite. The digital speedometer is a nice new touch but can be distracting especially during night drives. The Civic Hybrid only comes with rear drum brakes, which is disappointing considering that the Civic has been named car of the year.

The hand brake is also placed on odd location and will be discomforting for those with large thighs. The 2006 Civic Hybrid is a “driver’s car” and will perform best when used in the highways.

2006 Toyota Prius

Updated for 2006, the new Toyota Prius is a 4-door sedan, ideal for small families. This hybrid car only comes in one trim has a 4-Door Liftback.

The 2006 Toyota Prius is powered with by a standard I4, 1.5-liter, hybrid engine running 110-horsepower. In city driving, the Prius can achieve 60-mpg and 51-mpg in highway driving.

Initial impressions

The Prius features a spacious interior that can easily fit small families. Ideal for pedestrian drivers but those conscious with performance should stay away, as acceleration is slow. In addition, consumers have also been disappointed over the inability of the car to reach its advertised consumption and high price. For those tht want to save the world the Prius is great but look the other way if you want to save money.

Using GPS Tracking Save You Money

Saving money on insurance may not be something which you decide to do everyday, but if you look at the effects of saving money on insurance, you can blend that into your regular life. The truth is that saving money on insurance comes with side effects which could benefit other aspects of life.

You may recall when we analyzed certain questions. We were in order to determine if saving money on insurance was something that makes sense for you to pursue. These particular questions are ultimately lifestyle questions:

Are you paying too much for car insurance?

Do you want to spend less money on your car insurance?

Do you use a Tigtrack car tracking system?

In addition to assessing your way of living, the questions are also seeking to analyze your strengths and desires. So in the event you responded “yes” to these questions, there is an indication of everything that is important to you.

Definitely no one could ever say saving money on insurance is easy. It is indisputable you must be silly as well as sensible to even practice saving money on insurance. Just be mindful that satisfying activities require effort and dedication. If living out big successes were as easy as snapping fingers, everyone may be doing it.

In actuality, saving money on insurance requires a shift in your judgement. The silly personality that is required to pay less for car insurance could impact your whole lifestyle. In an instant, you could be exhibiting a silly personality in unrelated areas of life. This is the positive side of saving money on insurance that many people fail to notice.

parked cars Using GPS Tracking Save You Money

While you’re understanding how car insurance works, researching car tracking options or reveiwing their current policy, you can just be looking to realize general betterment. Through honing in on the lifestyle, something will become abundantly clear and you might see everything that saving money on insurance genuinely means to you. If you understand the effects of saving money on insurance, you might come to recognize that those effects are ultimately what you are trying to achieve.

One should have an sensible personality to save money on insurance too. This is another trait which impacts your way of living. The deeper you call on that trait to pay less for car insurance, the more you could see that trait within unrelated areas of life.

Whenever you look at saving money on insurance as a lifestyle instead of a goal, you may find it effortless to adopt the practices that contributes to success. The revision in your routine has a more meaningful purpose beyond accomplishing a single goal.

Those who are devoted to the overall objectives will find saving money on insurance completely gratifying. Congratulations for taking the jump toward this lifestyle!

Simple Steps On How To Get Good Auto Insurance Rates (2)

Simple Steps On How To Get Good Auto Insurance Rates

So just what is going on with auto insurance in this day and age? With everything else going on in your life, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of the latest trends and information. Here in this article, you will find some of the most important information that you have been looking for.

If you’re getting rates and premiums higher than normal, then you should go check your driving record. You might not be aware of your driving record, but insurance companies use this to calculate your risk factor. Make sure you know what’s on your driving record and that the insurance companies are using the right information.

Try to reduce the miles you drive your vehicle. Your insurance is based on how many miles you drive per year. Don’t lie on the application because your insurance company may check to see how much you drive per year. Find a way to not drive as many miles each year.

If you can afford it, try to pay your automobile insurance premium in full. By paying in full, you may be able to avoid the interest charges that may be added by paying with monthly payments. Some companies will also provide you with a discount for paying your premium in full.

If you’re planning on buying a new car, choosing one that is less desirable to thieves will lower your insurance rate. Online, you can find lists of the cars reported stolen most often and it’s likely that they are the same lists that your insurance company uses to calculate your premium. Use this information as part of your research into which car you should buy.

Do not be afraid to do some comparison shopping for the best automobile insurance policy. There are websites available that make the process of searching through the different companies quick, easy and efficient. You may be surprised by what another company can offer you in terms of cost.

Always check with the state insurance department before you sign an application for automobile insurance. You want to make sure that the company you are working with is licensed in the area that you live in. If they aren’t, you may not receive any help after an accident.

Move to a rural area. The closer you are to the city, the higher your premiums will be. Accidents, break-ins, and vandalism all increase inside city limits, so premiums have to be higher to cover the damages. The farther away from the city you go, the lower your premiums get.

Always make sure you know what’s on your driving record. Your driving record is what determines the cost of your car insurance. It is important to know what is on your record and when tickets and accidents have fallen off. Get quotes when this happens, and your insurance will be much cheaper.

In conclusion, it is definitely difficult to stay on top of all of the latest tips and tricks coming out about auto insurance. To make matters worse, information is constantly changing, which can make it nearly impossible to be an expert, unless you make it a point to keep yourself up to date. Hopefully, you found this article interesting, informative, and were able to learn a couple of new things.